From the truly unexpected to the eagerly anticipated.

When it comes to couples hitting the sheets on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” fans have a wide-variety of viewpoints and reactions depending on their perspective or which characters they love, or love to hate. Acknowledging that diversity of opinions, gives you our most shocking and romantic romps of 2016.

That’s outrageous! Most astonishing rolls in the hay

Quinn and Liam:
When Quinn Fuller took advantage of Liam Spencer passing out – literally at her feet – and took him to a remote cabin to clear the way for Wyatt Fuller to pursue Steffy, it was pretty typical of her scheming ways. Quinn-Liam-romp-BB-XJJViewers were amused when Liam woke up with amnesia and flirted with the ‘angelic woman’ taking care of him. Sure, Quinn was behaving totally out-of-character by being so nurturing and it was getting a little weird, but even when she told him they were a married couple named ‘Adam and Eve’ we still couldn’t imagine Brad Bell would actually go there. But he did. Quinn had sex with Liam, who had no idea of his true identity or that in reality, she was not his wife but in fact, his arch-nemesis, who had tried to kill him! Some fans loved the twist and the pairing, while others thought what Quinn did to Liam was downright criminal. Talk about pushing the envelope!

Sasha and Zende:
From the minute they met, Sasha Thompson zeroed in on Zende Forrester, despite the fact that his girlfriend, and her best friend, Nicole Avant, introduced them.Sasha-Zende-romp-BB-HW Moreover, Sasha knew all along that she and Nicole were actually half-sisters, so when she set out to seduce a disillusioned Zende after Nicole decided to become a surrogate for Maya and Rick, she was crossing several lines. Equally stunning was Zende’s acquiescence. Despite all of this, Sasha and Zende somehow managed to shock viewers again months later, when after all of their desperate apologies and groveling for another chance for a relationship with Nicole, they indulged in a repeat of the original sin. Some felt Nicole’s actions drove them to it, but regardless, when she walked in on the pair still tangled up in the sheets after sex it was a truly gasp-worthy scene we won’t soon forget!

Quinn and Eric:
No one really knew what would be next for Quinn after she managed to avoid jail time for holding Liam captive, but viewers certainly didn’t see the outrageous hook-up of Eric and Quinn coming in their wildest imaginations. Eric-Quinn-sex-BB-XJJIt was nothing less than a jaw-dropping moment when we learned that the new lover Quinn had been entertaining was none other than Eric Forrester himself. Reactions to the reveal, which featured a glimpse of Eric’s gnarly toenails, also not for the faint of heart, ranged from stunned horror to gleeful anticipation. In this day and age of teasers, it was no small feat to leave a soap audience so utterly taken by surprise and truly flabbergasted!

Making love, not war! Romps that dialed up the dreamy

Steffy and Liam: When Liam was finally freed from Quinn’s cabin, his only thought was to find his love, Steffy Forrester. Liam-Steffy-romp-BB-HWWith help from his half-brother, who had married her in his absence, Liam located Steffy on the beach and they ran into one other’s arms in a classic soapy scene complete with joyous slow motion spinning and a kiss. Of course, it was a bittersweet reunion as Steffy was determined to honor her vows to Wyatt, and so it took months before she finally called it quits. When Steffy joined Liam in Malibu and they finally made love after such a long and complicated separation, it truly felt like a homecoming.

Nicole and Zende:
Zende and Nicole’s genuine, burgeoning love was challenged early in their relationship by her decision to carry a baby for her sister and brother-in-law. Nicole-Zende-romp-BB-HWNicole was just starting to come into her own as a young woman, and hadn’t even had sex with Zende yet when the obstacles proved to be too much for their union to withstand. Throughout the pregnancy and even his time with Sasha, Zende never stopped professing his love for Nicole. So, when they finally reunited after Lizzie was born, it was fitting that Zende romanced Nicole beautifully; he bought her a gorgeous dress, made a candlelit dinner, they slow danced and admired the sunset – he even carried her up the stairs to his bedroom to make love to her for the first time. Swoon-worthy!

Brooke and Ridge:
The circumstances surrounding the latest Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester reunion were a bit of a stretch; Ridge left Caroline so she could reunite with Thomas, Brooke ditched Bill Spencer, whom she was engaged to and professed to love, RJ returned and cajoled his parents like a five year-old, and history was tweaked to read as Stephanie had always wanted Brooke and Ridge together. Brooke-Ridge-romp-BB-HWWith all of that said, there was no denying the dreamy nostalgia of Ridge recreating the heart in the sand on the beach that seemed to tip the scales in his favor, the gooey sentimentality of him gruffly referring to her as ‘his Logan’ when they shared a kiss after she declared that she was coming home to him, or the romance of them finally making love to each other again amid sheets strewn with rose petals in the candlelit confines of Brooke’s bedroom.

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– Candace Young