“You stole my life and I’m just here to return the favor.”

In this week’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday poll Soaps.com is taking a trip down memory lane to the spring of 2001 when Morgan DeWitt tried to drown Stephanie Forrester in her own bathtub…

Ridge will soon be taken off-guard by Thomas, leaving Caroline to intervene. Back in 2001, Stephanie was taken off-guard by a weapon-wielding Morgan, who attempted to drown her in a bathtub – before someone rushed to Stephanie’s aid. Stephanie had retreated to her bedroom suite at the mansion after hosting a Forrester party – one Morgan and Dr. Tim Reid had snuck into dressed as clowns. In fact, Morgan had confronted Stephanie and after a struggle, Stephanie punched her, threw her into the pool and left her to die.

Stephanie never expected Morgan to regain consciousness and confront her yet again as she prepared to take a bath in her room. Morgan, armed with a metal stick, seethed at Stephanie for making everyone believe she was insane. Stephanie urged Morgan to back off and runaway. In a fury, Morgan attacked Stephanie, pushed her head into the bathtub and held it underwater, hoping to drown her nemesis. However, someone appeared, saved Stephanie and held Morgan until the cops and Lt. Baker arrived to arrest her.

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Last week’s poll answer: Eric stormed off because Ridge Forrester referred to Massimo Marone as his father.

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– Amy Mistretta