As soon as we got to the room we ordered a club sandwich, French fries…

“The Bold and the Beautiful’s” Darin Brooks married his longtime love, “The Young and the Restless’” Kelly Kruger on March 21 during a French-inspired wedding in his home state of Hawaii at the Halekulani Hotel in Oahu. With the help of event planner Steven Boyle, hotel caterer Joel Nishimoto and wedding coordinator Michelle Schreiner, every detail was perfect, from the traditional Hawaiian poke dishes to the bouquet of pastel garden roses and lamb’s ear Kruger carried down the aisle.

Now that they are back to reality and hard at work – she on auditions and working on her lifestyle blog Madison Charles and he filming “Bold” and a new film “Groomzilla” – they still made time to share all the best parts of their big day with, as well as their other reason to celebrate – The Bold and the Beautiful’s renewal through 2017. Congratulations – you did it!

Brooks: Thank you.

Kruger: Thank you. We did it, yay! It’s over! Were there any last minute hiccups? When we talked right before there was a little hemming drama with the dress.

Kruger: We had a bunch of hiccups.

Brooks: Oh yeah. There were some things that we were worried about on the day and all that stuff, but the night before we looked at each other and I was just like, ‘Whatever happens tomorrow, happens tomorrow. It’s all good.’ There’s nothing we could do.

Kruger: There were some certain things. The day of I took my veil – which had some crystal edgings – out of the dress bag because I was hiding it from Darin, and the entire thing came off. And Darin’s mom’s an artist who works with all types of materials and said if we glued it, it would turn yellow. So we just kind of let it go. No one was going to notice. It is what it is. There’s nothing you can do about it. You have to let it go.

There were little things too, like the front row was reserved for family but nobody knew that they were supposed to sit there. So the whole front row was empty. But we laugh about it because it was perfect because of the imperfections. The blush dress from designer Inbal Dror was perfect. How did that come to be the one?

Kruger: Well, I had tried on a lot of different dresses prior to this one. While they were all beautiful dresses that I would be lucky to wear, none of them made me feel like a bride. When I put this one on something about it was just… I couldn’t stop smiling and I felt like a princess. I just knew right away that that was the one that it was going to be. Did you know you were going to wear a blush-colored dress, or was it just this one specifically?

Kruger: It was just this one specifically. I wanted something a little bit traditional but with a twist. I just loved it and I loved how everything about it was perfect. The only thing was I decided to get a second dress two weeks before the wedding because when I had my last fitting I realized that there was no way that I was going to be able to dance and party in that dress. The train, it was so heavy. As incredible as it was, I knew that I’d want something to change into which is where the Berta Bridal dress came in. They were so lovely to work with. With two weeks’ notice they were literally able to come up with that dress for me. It was perfect because it was still wedding and bridal, but easier to move around in. Darin, what did you think of the dress the first time you saw it?

Brooks: The first time I saw it was when she was walking down the stairs at the end of the courtyard and I thought she looked perfect. Just beautiful like a princess. I got a little happy and teary-eyed. But it was definitely a manly type of teary. You had talked about really wanting to blend French and Hawaii at your wedding. Were you able to do that?

Brooks: One hundred percent. It turned out perfectly. Steven Boyle Designs really came through for us on a million different levels, they were just amazing with everything. From the flowers to designing the flowers on the cake, to the lighting and ambiance, and the chairs, and everything. They decorated the huppa. They were just amazing at capturing what we had described to them that we wanted.

Kruger: The vibe of the rustic nature of the chairs and the way the room was decorated, that’s 100-percent us. That’s our whole vibe. It’s what we love. Then we got to have the Hawaiian flare with the food so that people could get a real sense of local, Hawaiian food. It was a nice mix of Asian fusion, which is very Hawaiian. Were you guys able to eat and enjoy the evening?

Kruger: No! Darin did.

Brooks: I was hungry!

Kruger: It was so funny. During dinner we went and did sunset photos so we didn’t really get to enjoy it. By the time we came back everyone was saying, ‘Oh my God, this is the best wedding food we’ve ever had.’ People were raving about the food and we were so excited to eat it. We sat down and Darin started to eat kind of quickly. People were talking to me and I find it rude to talk while eating. Then the speeches started. Everyone’s speech was so heartfelt and incredible that I didn’t want to be stuffing my face as they’re talking. It was hard. By the time everyone was done we did the father-daughter dance, and mother-son, and then the party started. I maybe had two bites of food.

Darin: As soon as we got to the room we ordered a club sandwich, French fries…

Kruger: Potato chips.

Darin: Chocolate.

Kruger: We ate our gluten-free wedding cake that we didn’t really get to eat at the wedding. We went on a binge. What was the first song that you danced to as husband and wife?

Kruger: It’s called “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles. It’s the song that we got engaged to.

Brooks: Yeah, on the iPod in Paris. What is something unexpected that happened that’s going to forever be part of your wedding lore?

Brooks: I mean, the fact that we got everybody together was pretty amazing.

Kruger: Two things come to mind. This whole process of planning the wedding really proved Darin and my ability to work together and achieve the impossible. We really did hit a bunch of walls in planning the wedding with certain situations and vendors and stuff like that. We really did do all of this on our own. Even Friday before the wedding we found out that we didn’t have place cards for people to know what table they were at. We didn’t even think about that. Ultimately Steven Boyle, our event designer, copied our invitation and came up with the same design and created it for us.

And on the day, Darin who’s known me for so many years, had no idea that “Grease” was my absolute favorite movie growing up.

Brooks: I didn’t know that she had danced to it a thousand times in her living room.

Kruger: He learned that in a speech from my brother. My brother decided to embarrass me and talk about how, when I was little, I used to literally watch “Grease” 25 times in a row just to learn the choreography and the words. At the end of the night the DJ played a little bit of a “Grease” medley and Darin and I had a showdown. Somebody got it on camera. Does it feel different being married after dating so long?

Darin: That’s what a lot of people ask me. Today I went into “Bold” and everybody was like, ‘All right! How does it feel to be married?’ or, ‘How’s married life?’ We’ve been living together for five years and we’ve been together for six or seven years already. We kind of feel like we were married already. It feels a little different saying, ‘wife’ and, ‘husband’ and hearing those words because we’re not used to it. When I first saw her I knew that she was going to be the one, so it’s not different. Were you able to decompress on your honeymoon like you had hoped?

Kruger: No.

Brooks: Not at all.

Kruger: We’re still planning on taking one this summer. We didn’t really get the chance to do what we had planned on doing which was turning off our phones. It’s hard when everybody’s come out and staying in the area. We had our whole family there and friends.

Brooks: Some people were staying in the hotel that we were staying in. We’d see them down at breakfast and feel like we had to go say, ‘Hi.’ It was great, but we haven’t really had the time to get away with just the two of us because I came right back and I started a movie. Actually, ironically it’s called, “Groomzilla” that I just wrapped on. That’s perfect.

Brooks: It was perfect but I jumped right back into work and it’s been crazy hectic for both of us. We haven’t really had the time. So this summer I think we really want to just do a couple of weeks where we go to Europe or somewhere and just turn off the phones and do what we want to do. Kelly, what projects are you working on right now?

Kelly: I am auditioning. Pilot season is now just ending and I missed a lot of that because of the wedding. I just tested on a show and I have my blog [Madison Charles.] We got back from the wedding and I jumped into that and Darin jumped into his movie. It’s just been so busy. It’s crazy what we do as actors. So we really haven’t had the chance to enjoy the initial honeymoon stage of being married, but luckily we work a lot together and we work really well together. I help him with his work. He helps me with my work. It’s a nice collaboration. Darin, was today your first day back at “Bold” after the wedding?

Darin: I had a couple of days in between while I was shooting the movie. It kind of worked out perfectly because my storyline wasn’t super heavy and they helped me out and made the schedule work. But yeah, today was one of the first weeks that I’m back. “B&B” was just renewed. What is your reaction to that?

Brooks: That’s amazing, for two seasons! You know, we’ll keep on being bold and beautiful all over the place. I’m fine with that. I think it’s great. Everybody on all these soaps are such hard workers and there are only four left. It’s truly sad because it is some of the best storytelling that’s out there. The way we do it, how fast we do it, and how much of it we have to do. I’m glad that these four shows are getting their renewals and their recognition and stuff like that because otherwise it’s primetime. What other fun stuff on daytime can you watch? You have to watch us! “B&B” is up for a few Daytime Emmy awards this week. Are you guys able to go?

Kruger: We can’t go this year actually. We were bummed that we won’t be making it this year unfortunately. But we’ll be supporting everybody in spirit.

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Photo credit: Aria Studios

– Hollie Deese