“Hey, I love you.”

When “The Bold and the Beautiful’s” Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger exchange vows in his home state of Hawaii it will be just the next step in the longtime relationship of the couple who met more than five years ago as costars on the TV show “Blue Mountain State” and are currently costarring in Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland released last month by Lionsgate.

But before they jetted off to celebrate with 100 or so loved ones including Linsey Godfrey (Caroline Spencer, “B&B”), Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester, “B&B”), Kim Matula (Hope Logan, “B&B”) and Jen Lilley (Theresa Donovan, “Days of our Lives”), the nearly newlyweds spoke with Soaps.com exclusively about the progression of their relationship, what it’s like working together and how he was able to keep his Paris proposal secret.

Soaps.com: Thanks for talking with us about your wedding.

Brooks: It snuck up on us. We were six months out, “Oh we have plenty of time.” Three months out, “Oh, we should start getting it together.” Now it is so soon it is crazy.

Soaps.com: You two met on set filming the first season “Blue Mountain State” in Montreal. How did your relationship progress?

Kruger: We actually have the same acting coach, Ivana Chubbuck, and I had booked a role on the show. She basically called Darin and said “Look out for my girl, she is going to be on the show, you can run lines and talk objectives…”

Brooks: When I went to go do that it was an episode we were shooting where my football team was supposed to go into the other football team’s party before the big game and poison their food. So I was covered, from my whole torso and my head and everything, in yellow and green paint.

Kruger: So he knocked on my trailer door, and I had no idea what he looked like because he was literally covered in paint. Plus I was in another relationship, and he was not anywhere near looking for a relationship.

Brooks: Yeah, I was single. I was dating a couple people, and…

Kruger: He was dating a bunch of girls.

Brooks: Well, you know, I was doing my thing. Then when we got back to LA after shooting Ivana put us in some scenes together. We became best friends and for a good three to six months she was telling me who to date. We were spending so much time together and one day I just grabbed her head and I kissed her.

Kruger: Then we went through the whole, “I don’t want to lose my best friend if this doesn’t work out.” Because he was legitimately my best friend. It was a true friendship. So it was kind of scary in the beginning.

Brooks: But we didn’t have to deal with putting up a front or pretending that we don’t have skeletons in our closet. We kind of threw everything out on the table, and we knew everything about each other because we were friends. That just made us and our bond stronger.

Soaps.com: Darin, how did you propose?

Brooks: We were supposed to be shooting in Monte Carlo, and Paris has always been our favorite spot. It was the first trip we ever took together – right after second season of “BMS” I took her to Paris for two weeks. It was just this crazy trip of getting everything out on the table.

Kruger: Also, Darin and I are complete opposites, so it was just the two of us, no cell phones… We really bickered a lot.

Brooks: But we had a good time. That was our first experience in Paris. When I heard we were shooting in Monte Carlo I was like, Paris is our spot. That’s our spot. I want to do it in Paris. I want to do a balcony proposal in some suite that overlooks the Eiffel Tower. I told Kelly we were going to go shoot in Monte Carlo and then maybe we could do three days in Paris afterwards. Then I get the call that they want to shoot two days in Paris afterwards too. They offered Kelly a role to play Eva, the Forrester International publicist on the show, so we only had one day to ourselves. I was working with the people at the Shangri-la Hotel in Paris to get a terrace suite that literally when it opened up you’re looking at the Eiffel Tower. I wanted it to be sunset, but at the time I forgot the Paris sunset at that time of year was nine o’clock or ten o’clock at night. I had to keep her out of the hotel room, but it’s five o’clock in the afternoon and she’s wondering why the room isn’t ready.

Kruger: I knew he had gotten something really special and I was starting to get mad that we couldn’t even enjoy it because we were going back to LA the next day.

Brooks: I get the text from the concierge that everything’s all ready, and I was like “Okay let’s go back to the room, I want to change my shoes because my feet hurt.”

Kruger: He kept pushing for us going to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I kept saying, “He’s going to propose, it’s happening at the top of the Eiffel Tower.” Then he kept complaining about his shoes hurting his feet, and that we had to go back to the hotel to change. Then we go back to the hotel…

Brooks: And she opens the door and there’s candles and the song that was playing is one of our favorite songs. We had candles going down the stairs and out to the terrace, and there’s flowers, and macaroons, and champagne.

Kruger: It was a two level so the second we walk in we look there’s this giant window, and a staircase going down, and the first thing we see is the Eiffel Tower.

Brooks: I was trying to get her out to the balcony because I had the ring in my pocket, but I didn’t have a box for the ring. I needed to get into my bag and get my cuff links box, and dump all my cuff links out so I had something to open. So I was like, “Why don’t you go down and look at the view?” She walks down there, and she’s like, “Oh my God, the Eiffel Tower is right there.” I’m frantically dumping things out of my bag and I’m like, “You want champagne?” She’s like, yeah sure. I’m like, “Damn it, one more thing to do!”

I pour two glasses of champagne and I’m freaking out. I take the box, I put it in the back of my pants, and I walk downstairs and try to be calm and cool. So I say, “We’ve been together for a long time, and I love you,” and I said some other things. I got down on one knee and I open the box and she kind of gave me a weird look. I look at the box and I had it upside down. I turned it right side up, and she saw the ring. She goes, “What, how did you? When did you get a ring?”

Kruger: Because we were in Europe for ten days before that and normally I would have found something like that.

Brooks: I had it hidden in my shoe the whole time. She was asking all these questions and finally I grabbed her hand and I sat her down. I stared at her for a second, and I was just like, “Hey, I love you.” She started crying.

Soaps.com: How hard has it been to plan a wedding in Hawaii?

Kruger: Honestly, it’s really difficult. Not only are you dealing with time change, but people in Hawaii operate on Hawaii Time. I’m very East coast, I need to get things done now. Hawaii Time is like, when Darin and I first started dating he’d be like, “I’ll call you back in a sec,” and three hours would go by. Hawaii Time has been really challenging for me personally. But when we put together the right team and got the right people in place, then it became amazing. It was the process of finding those people that was very challenging.

Soaps.com: What are some personal elements that you’re incorporating into the wedding that are really important to you guys?

Kruger: Clearly after this conversation, a French theme is really involved. Our whole house is decorated French country. My bridal shower, my girls made a very French country, rustic theme. We have a lot of that style in our home. I speak French and Darin is learning French, because he wants our kids to speak French. I would say that the French element, however we can bring that to Hawaii, is going to be very us. On a personal level, it’s going to be a Jewish wedding. Darin is not Jewish, but I was raised Jewish.

Brooks: It’s like half and half. I’m Catholic, but it is a lot of the same traditions. That means a lot to her, and I want to experience it. We’re adding a lot of those little elements and stuff, that her family can really appreciate, and my family can get to know.

Kruger: It’s so wonderful because his family, they’ve embraced me so much and are excited to see the traditions.

Brooks: That’s the thing, even though we’re on Hawaii Time, we’re accepting of all things.

Kruger: His mom has been so great during this whole process, I have to say. We got really lucky with each other’s in-laws.

Brooks: Our families haven’t met yet, but we’ve met each other’s families, and each other’s families love us, and we love each other’s families, and it’s great.

Kruger: Then, of course, the fact that it’s in Hawaii where Darin was born and raised is really important to him. It’s very special to have everybody come to the island, and to have him be able to share that, and show everybody the place he grew up. I think there’s so many special elements to it that reflect us as a couple, and as individuals.

Soaps.com: Do you have any Plan B’s for any weather issues?

Brooks: Nope. Just go for it. If we need to get a bunch of umbrellas we’ll get them.

Kruger: At this point, there is so much that we are stressing about that if that happens, well then it happens.

Soaps.com: Can you give us any details about your dress?

Kruger: I cannot, because Darin has no idea. I have two dresses, I can tell you that. I have two incredible designers that have provided dresses for me, and they’re gorgeous. The hardest part has been, Brooks helps me pick all of my outfits. I try things on, he knows what looks good on me. To not be able to get his opinion on this has been so challenging for me.

Brooks: You come in and ask, “The white shoes or the back shoes?” I pick the black ones, you go, “Okay, I’m going to wear red.”

Kruger: You know what I mean, though. It’s been hard, not being able to keep it all quiet, and not have him see it has been so challenging.

Brooks: Whatever you’re going to wear is going to be beautiful, it doesn’t matter. You wear a paper bag, and you’re gorgeous.

Kruger: I think when you plan your wedding yourself you have so much invested into it, both emotionally and financially. You want every detail to be perfect, it makes you a little crazy.

Soaps.com: You guys have worked together a few times over the years. Does your relationship affect that?

Brooks: We love working together. When we first worked on set that was kind of our little moment, and then we worked in the class together and definitely used the same technique, the same terminology, all that stuff. Whenever I’m working, we’re running lines and I think we can be more understanding of each other as opposed to someone who’s not in the business.

Kruger: We have the same approach to the work, so we work really well together. And because we know each other so well, we don’t let each other get away with things because we know what we’re capable of. We push each other, and we don’t let the other phone it in. What makes him so great is that he really does put a lot in his work.

Brooks: Both of us care about the work a lot.

Kruger: We both really just push each other to be better. That’s what personally, I love about working with him. Because he’ll literally call me on everything. We’re very lucky to have that, because people always say that two actors together doesn’t work, because it’s too competitive or whatever.

Brooks: But that never made sense to us. She’s a girl, I’m a guy, we’re never going to get the same parts.

Kruger: I don’t know that I could do what I do and not have someone who understands that, and not help me with that. Then don’t forget, if you’re not an actor, you’re watching these love scenes, there’s jealousy. I think there’s so many things that work about two actors being together.

Soaps.com: Kelly, do you have any more plans to do more work on “Bold?”

Kruger: Because I’m International I only get to work when “Bold” goes to these incredible locations around the world.

Brooks: Totally unfortunate.

Kruger: It’s too bad really. There’s a part of me, because I love working with Darin so much and I love the show and everybody there, of course I would love to go there. But there’s another part of me that feels like I don’t want to over-saturate us – I don’t want us to be love interests on the show. A lot of fans are constantly tweeting and putting on Instagram how Darin and I need to be together on “Bold” and show what real chemistry is. To me I feel like it would be too much of us.

Brooks: Even if you were on “Bold,” I would love it. But I still think she’s destined for big primetime stuff.

Soaps.com: What do you guys have planned after the wedding?

Kruger: We are staying in Hawaii for a couple of days. We’re going to shut our phones off for three days and absolutely be off the grid. Which we can’t wait for. We’re coming back to LA for like five seconds then we’re taking a little mini weekend trip. We’re going to do a real honeymoon this summer.

Brooks: That’s the only thing I want – three days with our phones off. I don’t want to see Instagram, nothing. That’s probably all we could do right now.

Kruger: Honestly, I’m so excited for the wedding, but for those three days after the wedding we couldn’t be more excited for it just to be the two of us with nothing. No phones, no commitments, no obligations, just nothing.

Brooks: Like Paris the first time.

Kruger: Yeah, like Paris the first time.

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