“My Lord in Heaven, Mrs. Forrester!”

In this week’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday poll Soaps.com takes readers back to 1991 when Stephanie Forrester returned home to the mansion while suffering from amnesia…

Liam Spencer currently has amnesia and has no idea he has a family and former fiancée waiting for him back home. Years ago, Stephanie woke up in her car on a Los Angeles street and couldn’t recall who she was or how she’d gotten there. After two homeless people befriended Stephanie, who’d lived on the streets for months, one of them, Adam Banks, recognized her from a flyer and gave her directions to the Forrester mansion.

Stephanie rang the doorbell and her maid, Maria, was overwhelmed with happiness to see her. Once inside, Stephanie looked around but didn’t recognize her surroundings, including her maid. Maria knew something was wrong and made a call, promising Stephanie that someone would be there soon – and that everything would be all right. Though Stephanie tried to run off, someone arrived just in time to stop her and pulled Stephanie into their arms with relief.

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Previous week’s poll answer: Megan was tricked into revealing the location of James and Maggie’s wedding.

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Photo credit: John Paschal/JPI

– Amy Mistretta