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B&B Breakdown for the week of June 22!

This week centered mostly on Bridget and Nick’s wedding, which was so incredibly rushed! They got engaged one day and were married in a church, with an all out reception, just days later. And Bridget made her dress like she was a contestant on “Project Runway,” since she had to design it and craft it in mere hours. Impressive!

I thought it was funny that there was no other location to cut to during the wedding episodes because every single character on the show was at the church. It really brought home how small their cast is. Even Bill was there, but no one seemed to know why. Maybe I missed the explanation, but did Nick or Bridget even invite him? I don’t know why they would. Whatever the reason for Bill being there though, I was happy to see him, since, as I’ve been keeping track, it’s been two and half weeks since he last appeared.

Poor Katie helps the bride get ready and attends the wedding of the man she just broke up with. Not one person asked if she was okay except for Bill, the most callous, arrogant, rude character on the show! Nick did run into her after the ceremony, where she assured him she was fine, but not even Donna, who supported Katie’s relationship with Nick checked into see if she was okay. Even though she technically stole Nick from Bridget in the first place, I felt bad for her. I hope Katie’s interactions with Bill at the wedding are an indication of something more brewing. She needs to have a fun storyline.

Beth and Stephen made a brief appearance at their granddaughter’s wedding, which was fitting and a nice touch to remember that Bridget even has grandparents. They’ve apparently been in Paris and Beth was still forgetting things, like Marcus’ sudden girlfriend’s name. Or was she just his date? Since we never see Marcus either, it’s hard to tell. Katie looked concerned for her mother, but we probably won’t see those two again for another good six months.