“What’s her name, Heather Locklear?”

This week’s Throwback Thursday poll takes Soaps.com readers back to 1994 to a popular restaurant on “The Bold and the Beautiful” where Ridge Forrester chatted with a bartender while waiting for his date…

Zende recently laid eyes on Sasha, which could put a damper on his new relationship with Nicole. Years ago, Ridge was single, back in the dating scene and sidled up to the bar at Café Russe to order a gin martini. The bartender, Marc, prepared Ridge’s drink and wondered what had him suited up in a tuxedo that night. Ridge admitted he had a special date and Marc assumed if it wasn’t with Heather Locklear it was surely another movie star or model who had him back on the prowl. Marc was stunned when Ridge shared the profession of the woman he was waiting for. Ridge was clearly preoccupied and nervous about the first date but eased up when she arrived. Even Marc gave him a nod of approval.

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Last week’s answer: Brooke told Dave Reed she needed more time in regards to his marriage proposal.

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Photo credit: Jesse Grant/JPI

– Amy Mistretta