“Do you love him, Brooke?”

Soaps.com gives readers a look back to 1987 in this week’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday poll when Brooke Logan struggled with whether or not to accept Dave Reed’s marriage proposal…

These days there’s a lot of tension between Steffy and Liam, which could prevent her from becoming his wife. Years ago, Brooke confided in her mother Beth that she wasn’t sure she could be a wife to Dave. When Beth asked if Brooke loved Dave, she couldn’t give her a straight answer. Beth warned that if Brooke didn’t love Dave, she couldn’t marry him and even if she did love him that didn’t mean she was ready to be tied down. Brooke knew she had a hard decision to make, as Beth continued on about her still being in college and the possibility of starting a career before getting married.

It wasn’t long before Dave arrived and wanted an answer to his proposal. Brooke admitted she felt really good about having him in her life, leading Dave to ask if that was enough to get her to marry him.

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Last week’s poll answer: Before she died, Caroline asked her family to please be kind to each other.

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– Amy Mistretta