“I am not going to be your goodtime beach bunny.”

“The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday poll this week takes Soaps.com readers back to 1992 when Ridge Forrester followed Taylor Hayes to St. Thomas where he tricked her into a fury…

These days Caroline’s future is uncertain, given her pregnancy and the fact that Ridge couldn’t have fathered her baby. Years ago, Ridge made a move to secure his future with Taylor but ended up infuriating her in the process. Taylor fled LA to get away from her ex-husband Blake Hayes, as well as to take some time away from Ridge to clear her head.

While reading a book at the Sapphire Beach Resort on St. Thomas, she noticed a couple of beachgoers pulling a man out of the water. Taylor heard their cry for help for a doctor and rushed over to the unconscious man. The man’s face was covered with sand but Taylor quickly began administering CPR. When the man came to and made a smart comment, Taylor was furious to see it was Ridge. He chased an enraged Taylor around the beach, with the others cheering him on making it clear the rescue had been a scam. Taylor wasn’t impressed and demanded that Ridge leave the island and give her the privacy she’d asked for.

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Did you get the correct answer in last week’s poll? Sheila Carter held a butcher knife to Ziggy Deadmarsh’s throat.

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– Amy Mistretta