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B&B Breakdown For June 8 – 12!

I know Ridge is taking way too many pills and it’s wrong, but I kind of like this mellow side of him. There’s no yelling, his body language is more relaxed and he’s just telling it like it is. If only he could figure out a way to meld the clean and sober Ridge with the drugged up Ridge.

Speaking of Ridge taking pills, Taylor was awfully quick to give them to him. I’m not really sure that was what you’d call being a responsible doctor. They weren’t prescribed to him, she’s too close to the situation to objectively decide that he needed them and then it didn’t even occur to her that Ridge’s sudden transformation was due to the drugs. No wonder she never has any patients!

I’m not always Brooke’s biggest fan, but I was totally on her side this week. It’s so ridiculous for Ridge to expect Brooke to ‘forbid’ Rick and Steffy from being together, as if that would magically make their relationship go away. Like Brooke said, they are adults and will be together if they want to be. But then Ridge did redeem himself a bit when he basically admitted he wanted Brooke to hate her son as much as he did, but he knew he couldn’t expect that from her. Even though he started out as irrational, it made sense in the end as to why he left her, but it was probably just the drugs talking.