“The Bold and the Beautiful” Rant for August 17 – 21:

This week was all about the Steffy versus Ivy drama, with a bit of CaRidge relationship talk thrown in. Thoughts:

Insurance policy.
The big news is the huge change in Ivy since her ‘best friend’ Aly died and Liam dumped her. She’s practically diabolical now. She says it’s all about justice for Aly, but methinks it’s more about revenge against Steffy. Her agenda keeps peeking out as she repeatedly whines about Steffy having everything and especially when she invited Liam to view the video in hopes of turning him against Steffy. She told Wyatt that the video was their insurance policy, and then in a move that even Quinn would have to admire, seduced him after catching him with her phone in hand ready to delete the video on Steffy’s behalf. Wyatt, whose better judgement was telling him Steffy acted in self-defense, began thinking with another part of his anatomy.

I still believe you.
Will wonders never cease! Liam viewed the video, saw how bad it looked for Steffy, and instead of waffling like usual, he went home and reassured her he still believed her that it was self-defense. How refreshing! As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, after all the triangles, this new ‘Steffy and Liam versus Wyatt and Ivy’ twist is kind of cool. Did anyone else get a chill, though, when Liam vowed to do whatever it takes to make sure no one ever sees the video. Kind of ominous. Yike.