Pam and Donna, come on down! (Sonja Flemming/CBS)

On June 17 and 18, Pam and Donna visit “The Price is Right” on The Bold and the Beautiful and what follows is sure to be another classic moment between the enemies. recently had the opportunity to talk to Pam’s portrayer, Alley Mills, who filled us in on all the details! How do Pam and Donna end up on “The Price is Right?”

Alley Mills: Well, Pam has watched “The Price is Right” her entire life back home in Chicago with Betty White (who plays Pam’s mother Ann Douglas), which is a little pathetic, but loves it and has started bringing her computer to work to watch “The Price is Right” on her break. So it starts where I’m watching “The Price is Right” and I’m screaming, “Come on Down” and I’m loving it and everything, and then I overhear in the meeting that Forrester is really in trouble and is worried that they’ve become too elitist. So being the brilliant person that I am, and a little bit self-motivated because I love “The Price is Right,” I thought how great would it be if we showed Forrester gowns as prizes? So I call the producer and make an appointment. And then when my dear friend Donna finds out, because she’s so annoyed by me watching this show, it’s driving her crazy, and just like Lucy and Ethel, when she finds out I’ve got this appointment, she goes, “Oh, okay, I’ll go too.” So she comes with me and then screws it up because she’s so slow driving that she makes me miss the appointment and I’m freaked out and exasperated. Then I get the brilliant idea once I’m there, because they won’t let me through security, that I can get through security if I get to be a contestant. So I sign up to be in the audience and so does Donna and the hijinx begin. So I change into my “I Love Drew Carey” outfit in the bathroom and hijinx ensue.

(After getting confirmation from the show’s publicist that she could share more, Alley continued…)

So they’re calling peoples names, “Come on down,” and I’m just flipping out. It’s pretty fun because they get that audience really jacked up and everybody’s screaming and jumping up and down and I’m screaming and jumping up and down and Donna is like totally bored. She was bored all the way through the interview. She’s like so above everything, but she’s of course still with me, because that’s Donna. (laughs) She’s there anyway even though she’s so crazed by everything. So she’s sitting next to me bored and all of a sudden they call her name, “Donna Logan come on down!” And she goes nuts! And I am furious and completely sad too and it breaks my heart because she doesn’t know anything. She doesn’t even know what a cup of coffee costs because Eric pays for everything. I knew everything of course that they have up there. Her first prize is a bake set and I’m like dying. It’s really fun. The whole thing is just hilarious and Drew Carey (host of “TPIR”) was just a great sport. Pam thinks he’s a hottie, well so do I. Just between you and me and the world. I don’t care. I think Drew Carey is really sexy, so it was not hard for me to imagine that he was. He truly, which I have never been this close to him, he has gorgeous eyes. Does he really?

Alley Mills: Totally. Big, huge, almond eyes. I mean, like wow! He’s great. It may have been because of Donna, I don’t know, but he seemed to be a very good sport. I think of course it was because of me. (laughs) Do you watch “The Price is Right?”

Alley Mills: I do now! I started watching it when it was mentioned to me that I would be doing this. And I became hooked because it’s really great because people might never win all this stuff [and they] get really great prizes. It’s really warm hearted. It’s like that show where they build a house for you. It’s got that kind of vibe to it. The audiences get so excited. The show definitely helps people out which is always nice.

Alley Mills: Yes. I think that’s why it’s been on so long. Because some game shows are sort of cynical and mean spirited and this is really awesome. It makes you feel good. And [Drew’s] a really nice guy. So taping the scenes was a good time.

Alley Mills: It was truly fun. Are there any good bloopers or outtakes from the shoot?

Alley Mills: I don’t think so. (laughs) Although, Jen (Gareis, as Donna), as she jumped up flipping out that she’s on the show, banged a woman right in the face! I mean that really isn’t an outtake, but the woman wasn’t pleased. It was sort of a Donna moment, you know? Did you tape it with a real audience or were extras hired?

Alley Mills: It was a real “The Price is Right” audience that stayed late to do it with us. I actually got a couple of my friends who are in their sixties to sit in front of me because they’re “The Price is Right” fans and I knew they would love to be there. They had so much fun. Any B&B fans in the audience?