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“The Bold and the Beautiful” Rant for August 10 – 14:

It was a big week for “B&B” what with daytime television’s first wedding featuring a transgender character (and the surrounding drama), and a surprising twist with the character of Ivy. Thoughts:

Freak show.
As mentioned in last week’s Deconstructing B&B, Julius’ ugly tirade about Maya made for an intense exchange with Vivienne, and things really came to a head this week when Maya confronted him. It was handled very realistically, with Julius abandoning further attempts to ‘pretend’ and defending his views in no-holds-barred fashion despite the fact that no one in the assembled group shared them. Ironically, it turned out that Julius had also faced rejection and had been disowned by his father, as he then did to Maya. The acting and writing was so on point; allowing viewers to feel something for Julius even as he spouted his ignorance, and also to become engulfed in the regret and high emotion expressed by Vivienne to Maya as they reconciled their lost years. It all seemed to come full circle for the Avant family when Julius was cast out of the house and family as Maya once was. All of this drama, however, made the wedding ceremony itself seem a little anti-climactic at the end of four days of scenes.

The writers are hitting all the marks with the storyline surrounding Aly’s death as Steffy’s memories started to return and she told Thomas she should go to the police. Thomas talked her out of it, but that was before he knew about Ivy’s video, which makes it appear that Steffy could have been the aggressor. It’s such a soapy dilemma.