Credit: Keeping it real.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” Rant for August 3 – 7:

“B&B” hit it out of the park again this week with Caroline’s angst, Thomas’ forbidden attraction, Bridget’s return, Bill’s apology, and the unexpected Friday stunner courtesy of Julius.

Weighing in.
As talked about in last week’s Deconstructing B&B, it’s been fun to have Brooke back in the mix with Caroline, Ridge, and Thomas. She definitely brings some experienced input to the conversations with the younger ones. It’s interesting, too, how they have been pairing her up with Eric in the Rick storyline. It makes one wonder if they will have her go the matriarch route, only to fall back into her old pattern with Ridge if he and Caroline split.

She says no…he says yes.
Well! That was quite the steamy little scenario Thomas was imagining while he rubbed Caroline’s ankles. While I happen to love her with Ridge, after that little daydream there was no question she also shares chemistry with Thomas, and then they threw in the monkey wrench of Ridge not wanting to have children just to really twist up our emotions. It was a bit hard to believe that a man as full of himself as Ridge would be opposed to having more offspring, but nonetheless, the scenes were very realistic. Caroline’s tears had many feeling heartbroken for her. So genuine! She said she would always choose Ridge, but that could change if Thomas manages to catch her attention and is smart enough to sell himself as a potential baby daddy.