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B&B Breakdown for June 1 – 5!

I’m not entirely sure I buy Eric risking his company and going to jail so he could hire illegal workers, but I think it was a decent wrinkle in the story and it gave us some new dialogue for a change. Stephanie of course tricked Bill and they got the upper hand, but why weren’t Ridge and Rick, who are the CEO and President of Forrester Creations, clued in to what was happening at the company? Thorne and Felicia were brought in and updated, but not the upper echelon?

I laughed when Eric said he had been investigated before for hiring illegal workers and had been cleared, but Bill figured it out and found proof in like five minutes! Just how incompetent were those federal investigators? Maybe they should hire Bill and Jarrett to work for them.

I’m not really understanding what Bill’s motivation is to acquire FC. Does he hold a grudge against Eric for something? I certainly hope they further explain it. And what about Donna? He met her once and decided he must jump in the sack with her? I really hope there is more to it than just him wanting her, because I doubt a businessman of his caliber would give up his long pursued deal just to sleep with Donna Logan, even if honey was involved.