Saving the best for last.

Many amazing fashion shows have been held on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” specifically the one on The Queen Mary ship back in 1989 in’s Throwback Thursday poll…

This week’s big event was Rick and Maya’s wedding. Years ago, it was the Forrester/Spectra Fashion Show on the glamorous Queen Mary. Many stood in the audience with anticipation as Margo Lynley took the stage to announce the showstoppers from each fashion house.

The Forresters clapped with pride when theirs was presented, as fireworks erupted overhead. The Spectra team was stunned to see the Forrester showstopper and tried their best to prevent theirs from being displayed next. However, it was too late. Spectra’s showstopper appeared and though the fabric was different the dress design was the same, leaving Eric and Stephanie Forrester seething at Sally Spectra and the girls wearing the showstoppers trying to keep their smiles intact.