Roadside tragedy.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” Rant for July 20 – 24:

Although the week kicked off with a romantic proposal and engagement, viewers ended the week talking about the stunning unexpected death. Thoughts:

The fashion show continued on Monday, and as mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, had all of the elements that have made such events so fun and fabulous on the show. Aly continued to unravel as the applause rang out, Julius grimaced while Vivienne enthused over Maya, and, of course, Rick proposed to Maya. Even greedy guts Julius put his hands together in approval over the match, which he told his wife, had him looking forward to the champagne days ahead in Los Angeles. So many small moments and one big gesture made for such entertaining scenes.

Serious help.
While there was an after-party going on at the Forrester mansion, the focal point was on Ivy discovering the disturbing collage in Aly’s room and bringing the others into the loop. The scenes were well done, although there could have been a little more panic and action and a little less standing around discussing how unstable Aly had become. You would think the paramount concern would have been for everyone to locate Aly immediately, rather than sit down and recount the tale of Darla’s untimely demise.

Thorne returned to the fold just in time to hear that his daughter was in trouble mentally again, and heartbreakingly, thanks to that commercial flight, he not only missed the fashion show, but arrived too late to save his daughter from her personal demons. So sad!