Credit: California Freedom

“The Bold and the Beautiful” Rant for July 13 – 17:

The Avant family drama featured as the week kicked off, and we lost an episode to a pre-emption, but it was all good as the week rounded out with the big fashion show! Thoughts:

My little girl.
Although Julius hugging Maya was a feelgood moment, most viewers were as skeptical as Nicole about his sincerity. Seventy-five percent of viewers polled said they believe what he really wants is the Forrester lifestyle. Only four percent thought he genuinely wanted to build a relationship with Maya. The Avants’ storyline continued to be heavily featured to the dismay of some, and the delight of others. Either way, the acting has been outstanding and Julius in particular has brought some much needed conflict into the whole scenario.

Completely committed.
One aspect of the Maya storyline that continues to niggle is that Rick has become virtually unrecognizable. Overnight he went from a bullying tyrant, who lived and breathed for Forrester Creations, to a happy-go-lucky man who is apparently so drunk on Maya’s love that he gleefully accepted a demotion and went to work for Ridge. Oh yeah, he’s the most jocular guy at the board meetings now – does everything but skip around the table blowing kisses. He even managed to keep a smile pasted on when Julius came into his home and hurled verbal shots at him such as, “What kind of man could love a woman like Maya?” If this had happened two months ago, Rick would surely have pulled a gun on him. It definitely seems Rick is the latest sufferer of “B&B’s” magical personality change phenomenon. It would actually be nice to have realistic Rick in this story.

Malibu meeting of the minds.
So Liam called in Katie and Bill for some help with his waffling issues this week. Bill’s take on it was very clear and no surprise. It was Katie who proved to be a big ol’ pot-stirrer with her remarks about Ivy and Wyatt, which could have made Liam more torn and conflicted than ever. Ack.