“The Bold and the Beautiful” Rant for June 29 – July 3:

By the end of this week, “B&B” seemed better than ever with the focus remaining on a wide variety of characters, lots happening, and plenty to look forward to. Thoughts:

The annulment.
Thankfully, Liam found enough backbone to go through with the annulment and didn’t manage to get himself talked out of it. Ivy said that no man was worth her dignity…yet she’s agreed to date him while he also dates Steffy. Ack. As mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, it would be great to have a rest from the triangle situation for a while.

The interns.
Zende has been a seamless fit so far and seems like he’ll be a good match with Nicole. Far better than Wyatt! I enjoyed watching Nicole and Zende get to know each other. Vote in’s B&B Poll: Zende and Nicole.

Caroline and Maya make amends.
After Ridge’s visit to the Forrester mansion last week, I began to worry about the show centering too much on one character again. Instead of “The Hope Show” we would be watching “Everybody Loves Maya.” The ‘clearing of the air’ between Caroline and Maya had me of two minds. The actresses did a brilliant job portraying the emotions, and there was no denying they were ‘feelgood’ scenes. However, considering Maya’s history with Caroline, it once again didn’t ring entirely true for the characters; it was too much. It would have been more realistic, and more interesting, for Caroline to acknowledge Maya’s bravery and their common ground, but still have lingering mistrust and issues. In any case, it was one big lovefest over at Forrester – Rick was even getting along with Ridge, and called Aly ‘sweetheart’!