We can be together.

B&B Rant for June 22 – 26:

It was a busy week on “B&B” with the focus on many different characters, which was great. Thoughts:

Bill was happily matchmaking for Liam and Steffy until he was shocked by Wyatt’s news that Liam had managed to get himself married to Ivy. Loved his bit about Liam stepping into a phone booth and putting on his cape. Even Katie was exasperated by his impulsiveness. Comic relief!

Quinn pressures Ivy to lie.
While there’s no question it makes life interesting, Quinn’s overt manipulations sometimes get headache-inducing. It wasn’t realistic that she could steamroll over Ivy and convince her to go against her principles; as mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, Ivy is all about integrity.

I’m right here.
Well there are two sides to every situation, and while it was nice that Wyatt was trying to offer Steffy some comfort and a good time, his constant subtle pressure and self-promotion got annoying. Does he really like Steffy that much, or is he just sub-consciously eager to stick it to his brother? In any case, nothing about this potential pairing excites me – I’ve seen brother and sister characters with more chemistry.

Welcome home.
The welcome back party for Caroline was a nice touch and it was good that Eric materialized and made nice. The upset phone callers clamoring for Maya’s reinstatement was a bit of a stretch. How many people are that invested in the models employed by fashion companies? Later, the scenes with Ridge and Caroline in the office were so sweet with her walking to him, and then having an easier time drawing.