“This is amazing.”

“The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday poll this week revisits 2001 when Zende Forrester Dominguez first arrived in Los Angeles…

Zende returned to B&B on Monday June 29 to familiar faces and surroundings. However years ago, when Tony and Kristen Dominguez adopted Zende from Africa and brought him home he was in awe. The new parents and their son drove through town in a limousine with Zende standing up and staring out of the sunroof at the amazing sights around him. He went from the sunroof to the side windows looking at something specific saying, “Look at that one!”

Tony instructed the driver to take them home to the beach, as Kristen pointed out the sights and explained that ‘the big car’ they were riding in was used for special occasions – like his homecoming. Zende couldn’t contain his excitement and anticipated reaching their destination, home.

Do you remember what held Zende’s attention as he stared out the limo’s windows?