B&B Rant for June 15 – 19:

An excellent soapy week. My favorite scenes by far were the super intense ones involving Steffy and Liam. But then it was the return of the flip-flopping king. Now it’s all about Ivy. Will she or won’t she come clean? Thoughts:

Steffy’s apology.
It was kind of over-the-top when Steffy was in town previously and went so ballistic over Ridge’s relationship with Caroline, especially considering she had been into an older man (Bill) herself and is supposed to be a progressive individual. So it was good that she dialed it down and apologized, and even connected with Caroline over her surprise for Liam.

Wyatt saying that Ivy must have been desperate to talk to Quinn about her deportation troubles was hilarious – so right on! It’s very cute how perky and happy Quinn has been since she married Deacon, but you would have to be certifiable to take her advice or not to question why she’s suddenly in your corner. Wyatt wasted no time in asking, “What’s in this for you?” Ivy however, was too busy panicking about having to leave the country, and that was understandable. Anyway, the Wyatt/Quinn scenes were funny.

You rescued me again.
Well, Ivy and Liam got hitched but there was only one word for the ceremony and ensuing scenes – awkward! Brilliantly acted too, as I was positively squirming along with Liam as he went through with it, and then squirming with embarrassment for Ivy as she tried to make something romantic out of it after the fact. Nevermind that in reality a quickie marriage wouldn’t have solved Ivy’s problems instantly – she would still be deported until she had the required spousal VISA in order and wouldn’t be allowed to live and work in the United States until that came through – and it takes up to 9 months. But alas in Soapland, marriage was the perfect answer, and the perfect complication to Liam reconciling with Steffy.

Memory lane.
Steffy presenting Liam with a walk down memory lane was timed for maximum angst. Just as we were reminded how she brings him to life and how much fun they are together, he had to drop the bomb of his new marriage on her. Ack.