“I guess we’re all gonna get a lot closer, aren’t we?”

This week’s Soaps.com Throwback Thursday poll takes us back to 1990 when a few unwelcomed guests arrived at Big Bear and interrupted Eric and Brooke’s romantic evening…

Wyatt is currently stepping up his game in the pursuit of Steffy. Years ago, Eric’s romantic evening with Brooke was anything but, due to various interruptions. It was a cold winter night, as Eric and Brooke made love on the floor by the fireplace at Big Bear. Suddenly, the door opened and in walked Stephanie. Eric quickly stood up, covered himself, as did Brooke, and argued with Stephanie over her presence. Stephanie reminded Eric that they owned the cabin jointly, as Brooke looked on in disgust.

Brooke hushed them in an attempt to hear the winter storm warning come through the radio. As the reporter went on, Brooke shook her head and listened as travelers were advised to stay inside, due to the roads in and out of the canyon being closed. Stephanie didn’t care and turned to leave but in walked two others.

Do you remember who showed up next? Vote from the choices in the poll and for fun, leave us your favorite Big Bear moments and reminisce about the time when Stephanie choked Brooke at Big Bear.