Soapy goodness.

B&B Rant for June 8 – 12:

The week kicked off with Ridge’s first meeting as the new CEO and then work took a bit of a backseat after that. Thoughts:

Meeting interrupted.
Monday’s episode generated a lot of talk about Aly, who as mentioned in the last Deconstructing B&B, had her cray-cray on display again. While it’s kind of funny for a minute when Aly goes all sinister and psycho, it quickly becomes grating. You’ve no idea how badly I wanted Ridge to throw her out of that meeting when she wouldn’t stop running her mouth. As so many noted, the trouble with this side of Aly coming out again, is that it was nowhere in evidence when she was being asked to make snacks, give foot massages, vacate her room, and being horribly mistreated by Rick and Maya. If this is her uncontrollable ‘go to’ place when she’s outraged, where was it through all of that? Don’t tell us it was under wraps because of the shoe line, because the shoe line still isn’t approved and Steffy is now the president – so logically she wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her, Ridge, or Liam. Additionally, if Aly is still this puritan with no understanding of the intricacies of love relationships, what does that mean for her and Oliver? It’s too unbelievable to me that he’s been in this chaste relationship with this temperamental little girl for all this time. Side note: love the idea of Steffy bringing back the lingerie line and succeeding Brooke. Where the heck is Brooke anyway?

It was just a teensy bit unbelievable that Ridge won back Forrester Creations and then showed virtually no interest in it because his first priority was Caroline. That said, the sentiment was really sweet and the scenes with Caroline opening up about her feelings were extremely moving, as we all knew they paralleled the feelings of the actress, who lived the experience off-screen. Ridge helping Caroline take her first steps, as she helped him begin drawing again, was soapy goodness. They have a chemistry that just works.

Neon sign.
It didn’t take long for everyone to start worrying about Liam’s love life once Steffy was ensconced at Forrester again. Bill meddled, Ivy worried, Aly blabbed about the kiss, and Wyatt got in on the act by hitting on Steffy himself (with a little nudge from Ivy). Plenty of people thought it was a poorly thought-out move by Ivy, as Wyatt dating Steffy was bound to raise Liam’s hackles and make him jealous. In any case, Wyatt, for whatever illogical reason, told Steffy her feelings for Liam were like a neon sign and then proceeded to make a play for her. They proved to have little chemistry – they’d be much better as a devious pair conspiring together than dating – and while Steffy was briefly distracted, she is in love with her ex-husband. Why on earth would Wyatt want anything to do with another woman who is in love with his brother?