“How the hell are we going to stop her?”

1993 brought “The Bold and the Beautiful” viewers a surprising twist when Sheila Carter Forrester wanted to team up with Stephanie Forrester against Brooke Logan…

Quinn once shoved Ivy in the Seine to get her out of the way and now she’s meddling on her behalf to keep Liam – so Wyatt can have Steffy. Years ago, Sheila confronted her sworn enemy Stephanie and tried appealing to her for the sake of her marriage to Eric Forrester. Shelia ranted and raved to Stephanie how Brooke was going to take Eric to the cleaners if she obtained the patent on BeLieF, the formula Brooke created that removed wrinkles from fabric. She reminded Stephanie of what she had to lose as well and asked how they were going to stop Brooke.

Stephanie made it clear Sheila was the last person she would ever team up with. Sheila refused to be shut down and reminded Stephanie she had no ammunition to stop Brooke. She blamed Stephanie for Brooke going after the company and claimed she would be Stephanie’s and the Forrester family’s salvation by getting Brooke to back off.

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