Insecurities. (Sean Smith/JPI Studios)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of June 1 – 5:

It was certainly an eventful week on “B&B!” Thoughts:

Entitled egomaniac.
It was an uncomfortable confrontation between Ridge and Eric, but it was a position that Eric put himself in by blindly supporting Rick. Eric told Ridge that the employees would side with him and that they see Ridge as an ‘entitled egomaniac’, which proved Eric is definitely in la-la land when it comes to the employees’ low morale and how poorly Rick had been treating them. As mentioned in the last B&B Breakdown, Eric’s decision-making hasn’t been sound for some time. Ridge was also correct in saying that Stephanie would be jumping for joy. She never had any use for Rick. Side note: Inquiring minds were wondering why wasn’t Brooke on hand to forbid this takeover. Odd.

Long shot.
Bill had some great lines this week, starting with wondering if he’d have to get Rick a binky. Rick made Bill an offer he couldn’t refuse, and Bill then blind-sided Liam by changing things up just as he was patting himself on the back. That was cold even for Bill, who might have taken a minute to take Liam aside first. But no matter, the deal didn’t go through anyway because of Bill’s condition regarding Maya, which led to Rick sucker-punching him (guess his ‘Spencey Senses’ didn’t see that coming). So, Bill got what he had coming and Rick left the building, leaving the others to assume they’d won, and viewers to wonder if it would be that simple.

Under the radar.
Maya kept a low-profile while Rick fought for the company, and during conversations with Nicole, and later Nick, did some soul-searching about when she should have told Rick she was a transgender woman. Water under the bridge…

Surrounding Ridge’s bid to take over the company, and after it was assumed he had prevailed, several things happened at Forrester. First, Wyatt began to resent Liam, which was odd because in all the time that he conspired with the Spencers to oust Rick he never once mentioned wanting any particular position or reward and never piped up about not wanting Liam to have a position at Forrester. Hmm.