“I was the one he loved.”

Soaps.com has opened the vault to the past and is reminiscing with our readers about a time back in 1990 on “The Bold and the Beautiful” when Beth Logan objected to her daughter Brooke marrying Eric Forrester…

Eric has made it clear that he still holds a grudge over Ridge taking Brooke away from him. Years ago, Beth (then played by Marla Adams) felt the same way toward her daughter in regards to Eric. Brooke informed her mother that Stephanie had finally relented and was going to give Eric a divorce. Beth wasn’t at all happy to hear that Brooke planned to stay in Los Angeles and marry Eric.

Beth told Brooke she had no right to marry him and recalled a time when Eric loved and wanted only her. As Beth walked to the terrace, Eric appeared and told Brooke he was officially divorced and ready to marry her. He soon noticed Beth and suggested they all go out to dinner. Eric could tell Beth was upset and asked her what was wrong.

Do you remember how Beth replied to Eric? Let us know what you recall then share who you think was the best suited for Eric over the years in the comment section.