Credit: Great love. (Sean Smith/JPI Studios)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of May 25 – 29:

The takeover train went full speed ahead on “B&B,” this week, Steffy returned, and Rick found Maya. Lots happening. Thoughts:

Open your eyes, Bambi.
Liam’s confrontation with Bill had people talking after Monday’s episode. It was entertaining to see the two different men go at it and the exchange kind of set Liam up to accept an offer from Ridge later in the week. I still can’t understand why Bill didn’t use the information about Maya as leverage, though, instead of going right to print.

Time to think.
It’s so frustrating when Eric dithers when making decisions about the company, and Ridge and Rick ‘work’ on him. Honestly, it’s a wonder the company has lasted at all with all the in-fighting and the ever-changing criteria Eric uses to base business decisions on, such as Ridge having stolen his and Rick’s wives. Ack.

Agree to disagree.
Although Caroline and Rick agreed to disagree about Ridge and Maya, they were definitely showing compassion for one another. It’s an interesting development that could herald upcoming controversy as Ridge and Rick do battle.