Credit: Angry Katie. (Sean Smith/JPI Studios)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of May 18 – 22:

I’m posting observations from Germany this week thanks to recaps from’s Amy Mistretta. The happenings on “B&B” mostly revolved around the aftermath of Rick learning Maya’s secret, and Caroline finally returned. Thoughts:

Please don’t walk away.
Many viewers felt that Rick’s reaction to Maya’s reveal that she is transgender didn’t ring true for his character. After weeks of Rick trumpeting about honesty and integrity, not to mention how testy he is about even the hint of being humiliated, his first reaction should have been anger. In fact, I would have expected him to react much like Carter – furious and shocked initially with acceptance coming gradually. Viewers felt a bit disappointed with writers going with what they refer to as the ‘politically correct’ route. As Hollie mentioned in last week’s B&B Breakdown, most are also still waiting to see Rick get some sort of comeuppance for the way he mistreated the likes of Aly and Ivy too. Oh and for the whining…the never-ending whining about Ridge and his childhood. Maya’s personal life isn’t the appropriate tool through which to punish Rick for his misdeeds, so the transgender storyline sort of interrupted the momentum for payback on ‘Napoleon’.

Ridge can be just as annoying with his incessant pressurizing of Eric to dump Rick as CEO and reinstate him in his place. At this point, it would look good on both Ridge and Rick if doddering old Eric had a lucid moment and put another Forrester entirely in charge. Would love to see it! Vote in’s B&B Poll: Which Forrester could run the company?

For Rick’s own good.
While Maya stubbornly avoids Rick’s calls and moves forward with her resignation from Forrester, Brooke works to convince her son that Maya flying the coop is for the best. It will be interesting to see how far she’d be willing to go to keep Maya away from him at this point. Shades of Stephanie?