“I will never believe you.”

Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday poll is remembering a time in 1989 on “The Bold and the Beautiful” when Caroline ended things with her husband Thorne Forrester…

Once again Steffy’s return is going to make Ivy unsettled and feeling as though she has to compete for Liam. Years ago, there was nothing left for Thorne (then played by Jeff Trachta) to fight for, as Caroline wasn’t interested in continuing their relationship. Caroline went to Forrester to break up with Thorne, who demanded to know when she had fallen out of love with him and refused to believe that she hadn’t loved him from the start.

Caroline admitted that she had loved Thorne deeply and still did. However, she felt as though they didn’t belong in a marriage but rather they worked better as loving friends. She confessed to marrying Thorne as a way to repay him for being there during a very hard time in her life and begged him for forgiveness.

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