Credit: Fired up. (Sean Smith/JPI Studios)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of May 4 – 8:

Well this was one of those weeks where the storylines kind of felt like we were putting in time until the May Sweeps stuff kicked into high gear. It looks like that time has come as Friday’s ending definitely had us anticipating next week. Thoughts:

I could live here.
Okay who else has been finding Nicole more obnoxious by the day? As mentioned in last week’s B&B Breakdown, her attitude has been so irksome. First she was going to blackmail Maya, then she wanted her to keep her mouth shut so as not to spoil their ride. Then she goes out with Wyatt and gushes all about his private jet and his beach house instead of him. Kind of a turn-off, but with Friday’s episode came a subtle change. Suddenly she was saying things like she didn’t want Maya to get hurt, and she made herself vulnerable to Wyatt by telling him the secret. Will we end up feeling sorry for her now? Hmm.

Oh Ricky Boy…
Ridge finding out what Maya was keeping from Rick was kind of fun given their high-stakes rivalry. That said, it wasn’t his secret to spread around, so that part of it wasn’t so nice. Also, knowing what Ridge might do with the information, it wasn’t necessarily a good call on Carter’s part to tell him either.