Credit: I quit. (Sean Smith/JPI Studios)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of April 27 – May 1:

The first part of the week was saved by Charlie and Pam’s shenanigans, otherwise it was more of the same talk about the secret or finding out the secret. The second part of the week brought the clash with Ridge and Eric and more. Thoughts:

Our duty.
Pam was dying to figure out Maya’s secret once she heard about its existence and she got a little more than she bargained for when she brought Charlie on board. Together they rationalized spilling the contents of Maya’s purse and then immediately zeroed in on the estrogen pills. Charlie instantly deduced that Maya was transgender. Hah! This would be believable if Charlie knew someone who had transitioned, otherwise it’s not the obvious conclusion to jump to, but in any case, Pam, terrified that Charlie was going to announce this to the company at large, swore him to silence so they wouldn’t risk losing their jobs. It was hysterical when Rick caught them in his office and Charlie hinted that they were getting frisky in there because Pam’s an adrenaline junkie. Too funny! Can’t wait until they find out Charlie was right about Maya…

I had that gold-digger pegged.
There’s nothing like Bill on a mission, but he’s being decidedly too laid back about this one. It’s getting old listening to the Spencers stand around and talk endlessly about discovering the secret and ousting Rick. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Wyatt isn’t going to get that secret out of Nicole, and even if he did, as mentioned in last week’s B&B Breakdown he probably won’t be willing to hurt her by using it.

Enjoy the ride.
Nicole’s immature, selfish attitude about essentially everything irks me. It was satisfying to hear Maya remind Nicole that her relationship with Rick isn’t a ‘ride’, it’s her life. Carter also had several encounters with Nicole. It was laugh out loud funny when he saw her yet again by the workout equipment and asked, “Are you always here now?” Just what we were thinking, Carter!