New role.

Transgender actor Scott Turner Schofield has been cast on “The Bold and the Beautiful” as Maya Avant’s (Karla Mosley) friend, Nick, according to the New York Daily News. Schofield, who has previously acted in theater productions, explains, “I’m Maya’s best friend and I come from her world when she first landed in Los Angeles before she became the huge success that she is. We met in the trans community together.” He went on to say, “I’m her friend that comes in and kind of helps remind her that she is beautiful and whole and authentic exactly as she is. And as things start to happen and discrimination mounts, she can stand strong in who she is and how she made the right choices for herself. So in that sense, it feels like playing myself in a certain way.”

Schofield has already taped six episodes and is first slated to appear on “B&B” on Friday May 8.

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– Candace Young