Charm offensive. (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of April 13 – 17:

It was all about Maya’s secret and Deacon and Quinn’s impending wedding this week. Thoughts:

Taking it moment-to-moment.
Suddenly for Maya, it’s all about securing a commitment from Rick regarding their future. Of course this logic is lost on many of us, as there is nothing to stop him from calling off the engagement if he reacts badly to her secret. Carter seems to be a walking contradiction on the topic. He wants Nicole to back off from blackmailing her sister and warned her not to mess things up for Maya, yet later he was pushing Maya to tell Rick when she wasn’t ready and arguing with her in the office. With all the yelling/arguing and eavesdropping surrounding Maya’s secret everyone is going to know before Rick does. Too funny!

Renaissance woman.
Othello’s response to Oliver telling him Nicole wanted to model was worth a giggle. I’m not sure why she sang for them, but their reaction was certainly favorable as Othello growled that she had pipes. Loved the ‘guy talk’ after with Othello telling Oliver he wouldn’t mind colliding with Nicole. Haha. Othello is so real – refreshing on the show.

No more chances.
Liam is among those who aren’t buying that Quinn has changed. Wyatt is cautiously optimistic, but then he’s her son. Ivy seems on the fence, given that she has to work with her. Ivy needs to up her design game instead of just constantly complaining about competing with Quinn. Let her work speak for itself…just saying. As for Wyatt, it’s curious that he’s still as into ousting Rick now that he’s rehired Quinn. It’s not as if Bill and Liam would keep her on after a takeover.