Oh snap. (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of April 6 – 10:

It was a week of teasing on “B&B.” We thought Quinn stabbed Brooke, that Carter would tell Rick about Maya, and that Brooke would get Quinn fired, but none of that actually happened. We also got a little tease of Caroline and Ridge, who spoke over the phone. Thoughts:

We were sleeping together!
Carter’s reaction to finding out Maya had been born a male was very powerful. Their scenes, in which each stood firmly to their positions, were amazingly tense. It was kind of a letdown when Carter backed off on telling Rick because of Maya’s flimsy threat to have him fired. Huh? Now he has been reduced to walking around making cryptic comments. Boo. Anyway, if Maya really wants to keep this under wraps she’ll want to be more careful. On at least two occasions she was hollering about being born a man at the top of her lungs to Carter at work. Considering Carter found out by overhearing, she might want to tone it down!

Model search.
Nicole continued to irk me to no end by badgering Oliver about modeling. Of course Ridge let her do it, which despite how awful she started out, will no doubt lead to her becoming the unlikely new face of Forrester Creations. Annoying. Nicole’s attitude really needs an adjustment. When Maya told Nicole that her transgender status was her private business, she just rolled her eyes and snarked, “Whatever.” When Oliver told her she would have to start out as a fit model, she rolled her eyes like it wasn’t good enough. Ugh! Carter’s little chat with her was satisfying since he called her out on squeezing Maya.

Not in the mood.
Caroline touched base with Ridge this week, and apparently she’s also been chatting with Rick and they’re in a much better place. Okaaay then…

The mugshot.
Oh how I love to hear Bill’s nicknames for the men he loathes! Anyway, the Spencers were doing a lot of talking this week but not much else. As mentioned in last week’s B&B Breakdown, they need a plan. Can’t wait until they make a move against Rick!