“It’s not going to happen.”

In this week’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 2001 when Clarke Garrison planned to stop Tony Dominguez and Kristen Forrester’s wedding…

These days Brooke is adamantly objecting to Deacon and Quinn’s upcoming nuptials. Years ago, Clarke wasn’t happy about Tony marrying his ex, Kristen, because he was HIV positive. Tony’s parents Eduardo and Liliana Dominguez arrived in town and were given a tour of Spectra Fashions by their son. They met Sally Spectra and Darla Einstein and learned that Tony was going to design Kristen’s wedding gown. Liliana would have thought Kristen’s father Eric would design his daughter’s gown, but Sally quickly made an excuse as to why Eric couldn’t.

Things became tense when Clarke appeared and made a few underlying jabs at Tony to hint that he wasn’t being truthful with his parents. Once Tony rushed his parents away, Darla and Sally warned him not to ruin this for Tony and Kristen. However, Clarke vowed to stop the wedding and expose Tony’s disease and the fact that the Forresters weren’t at all happy about Kristen marrying him.

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