Unappealing behavior. (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of March 30 – April 3:

Maya’s secret and Deacon’s love life were the two going concerns this week. Nice Friday double-cliffhanger too! Thoughts:

There’s the door.
Rick got even more unpopular at work, if that’s possible, with his announcement that he had rehired Quinn. It was kind of an unbelievable development considering that everyone in Los Angeles agrees that she’s a psychopath with homicidal tendencies, even her own son.

Unattainable woman.
So, Deacon pressed Brooke over and over to tell him whether there was a chance for them, and the unattainable woman admitted she was now attainable. However, Deacon, after all his earnest appeals to Brooke, decided not to go for it, but to stay with Quinn. How things change. It almost seems like Brooke has lost her touch, but maybe it’s just that she’s not really trying in this case.

As mentioned in last week’s B&B Breakdown, Liam and Ivy seem to have nothing to talk about but Rick. This week Quinn got thrown into the mix, and Liam really went on a rant. Oddly, Ivy made a comment that sounded like she was giving Quinn credit for them getting together. Anyway, Liam and Bill seem more determined than ever to get Rick out and are doing a lot of talking about it… how about a plan boys?

The nose knows.
Quinn sniffing out Deacon’s deception via Brooke’s expensive perfume was fun. Deacon seemed scared of her and Brooke wasn’t scared at all. “Will you slap me or try strangulation?” Such good scenes – especially set against the background of everyone speculating how things going sour with Deacon could send Quinn over the edge, and Quinn then being shown back at the warehouse making a shiny new dagger.