Credit: Tempted? (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of March 23 – 27:

Much of the focus was on Maya this week, with other characters randomly bringing her up in conversation as they used to do with Hope. There was also some fun with Quinn and Deacon, Bill’s visit to Ridge, Deacon and Brooke, and Rick’s surprising proposition. Thoughts:

Always been your older sister.
As noted in the last B&B Breakdown, Maya’s secret was a doozy. It’s amazing that they’re doing a storyline exploring what it means to be transgender because so many people are born knowing that they’re a male in a female body or vice-versa that it’s past time for their unique situation to be better understood so they can be accepted for who they are. The issue some viewers have is that Maya, given her established background history, perhaps wasn’t the best choice of character to tell this story. Some feel slighted to have invested in Maya’s past as a young mother who knew the pain of having to give up her infant child while in prison, and who later fought to prove she was equal to the Forresters despite her background of being impoverished and homeless, only to have it discounted. The baby was written off as the boyfriend’s child and somehow penniless Maya had the means to go to court, pay to have her birth certificate changed, and to undergo numerous surgeries. We’re used to “B&B” changing things up on a dime, but sometimes it’s still an adjustment. In this case it should be worthwhile to go with it, as the awareness, acting, and drama will be rewarding. It will be very interesting to see how judgmental, self-conscious Rick reacts to Maya’s news, and whether he will continue their relationship once he knows her truth. Vote in’s B&B Poll: Will Rick accept Maya?

Keep your fantasies to yourself.
Bill’s visit to Ridge was fun from beginning to end. I love how they get those smirks on their faces and the snarky one-liners start flying. The outcome was that Ridge agreed to entertain new ideas from Liam for a takeover of Forrester. Hope this happens soon!

Well, Liam and Ivy’s dinner might have been more romantic if they hadn’t spent the entire time talking about Rick and Maya. Jeeze.

Bad choices.
Katie’s a bit of a broken record worrying about Brooke, but those were good scenes when she stopped over with takeout and poured the wine. It was also fun to see Katie and Bill playing with Will on the bed, even if they were talking about Brooke the whole time. Haha.