Credit: Myron? (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of March 16 – 20:

Everything else paled compared to the reveal of Maya’s secret! Thoughts:

While Katie’s visit to Ridge seemed to provide a little more closure, it had a strange vibe to it, like it was hard to believe they’d ever been a romantic couple or something. It was also odd that Katie told Ridge she and Bill honeymooned in Aspen because she wanted to reclaim that place. Most women would want to sell the house there and never speak of it again!

Good choice.
The awkward visits continued with Bill and Katie dropping in on Brooke. Did they think it was going to be helpful to her despondent mood to tell her they went to Aspen together? Yeesh. Going to AA was a step in the right direction for Brooke, but honestly why doesn’t she go to work or something instead of sitting beside the vodka bottle wallowing? Anyway, Deacon was over later to reassure her she wasn’t alone and to get rid of all her booze. As Deacon smashed bottle after bottle of hooch into the trash bin I became utterly distracted by how amazingly well the white garbage bag was holding up!