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“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of March 9 – 13:

The fun stuff this week was Brooke messing with Quinn, Ivy confronting Rick, and Nicole winding Maya up over this big secret. Lots happening! Thoughts:

Badge of shame.
The Quinn and Brooke clashes were brilliant, but the fun of the musical visits to Brooke’s living room wore off when Brooke told Deacon there was no chance for them. It was good that Deacon asked, since, as mentioned in last week’s B&B Breakdown, it was hard to buy him walking away from her if there was any hope. Later, Brooke fell and hit her head. She woke up a disheveled mess the next day and took delivery of a case of vodka she didn’t remember ordering. Yike! Off to AA. Over at the warehouse, Deacon, who has only been seen drinking casually for months also felt a sudden urgency to get clean and – what a coincidence – he ended up at the same meeting as Brooke. Gah. This will no doubt lead to Quinn becoming increasingly incensed and homicidal as Brooke calls up Deacon every time she wants to take a drink.

Welcome to my life.
Wyatt made the rounds with head hung low and divorce papers in hand this week. He and Brooke bonded over being adrift, which led some to muse about a possible connection of some sort happening between them. After all, Brooke has been known to be drawn to her daughters’ significant others and has a hate-on for Quinn. What better way to provoke her than to bed her son? Vote in’s B&B Poll: Should Brooke hook up with Wyatt?