Credit: Where's evil Aly? (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of March 2 – 6:

Viewers continued to show their appreciation for the expanded focus on a variety of characters as “B&B’s” February sweeps ratings leaped to the highest level since 2008. Thoughts:

Don’t touch me!
Boozy Brooke is a fantastic mess to watch. Who didn’t love the way she slurred, “If I wanna’ hang out with Deacon, I’m gonna’ hang out with Deacon!”? Her clash with Quinn was classic, with Quinn coming out of the gate with the slap and then trying to backtrack a bit, and Brooke being blunt and unforgiving, and ending up alone crying into her drink and on her framed photos afterward. It’s a bit uncomfortable to think she’s fallen apart to this degree simply over being single, but it sure makes for good entertainment.

Poor defenseless Deacon.
After grilling Deacon as to whether anything had happened between him and Brooke, Wyatt was summoned back to the warehouse by Quinn, who confided that she’d slapped Brooke. He ranted and issued warnings before heading over to get Brooke’s version of events. It’s anyone’s guess as to why Wyatt would suddenly embroil himself in Quinn’s drama again (didn’t he disown her?). Apparently without Hope around he has nothing better to do.

Why aren’t you jumping on it?
Having Ridge lobby for Liam to get back with Steffy and make it a condition for collaborating on a takeover was Steffy’s last shot at reuniting with Tofu Boy and it didn’t work. I think they should have found a way to let Liam think it was his idea and it might have flown. Steffy’s aggressive approach may have been badly-timed given Liam’s newfound devotion to Ivy the kangaroo. Wasn’t it nice of Liam to tell Ivy that if she wasn’t around, he would get back with Steffy? Eck. In any case, Steffy retreated to Paris to watch and wait, and Liam and Ivy celebrated his admirable commitment to their relationship by hopping into bed and talking non-stop… about Steffy. Oy.