Credit: Hot! (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of February 23 – 27:

It was another solid week on “B&B” across the board. Steffy vs Ivy, drunk Brooke, and shirtless Bill provided the spice. Thoughts:

Back off now.
One couldn’t help but be impressed at Ivy going toe-to-toe with Steffy – her outspokenness has been one of her best qualities since day one. The verbal lashes got pretty intense and direct on both sides – it’s a wonder the catfight didn’t get physical. While Liam may have resisted Steffy’s advances for now, just give her time. Ivy and Liam are a solid couple now, but she comes across almost stuffy compared to livewire Steffy, and Tofu Boy likes to walk on the wild side as we know. One little tiff with Ivy and that’s all it will take. If Steffy sticks around it’s a good bet she’ll come between them. Some have speculated that Steffy and Wyatt would make a good pair, but other than using him to make Liam jealous, I can’t see it. Maybe it has something to do with considering Wyatt to have been the ‘male Steffy’ in the triangle with Hope. Vote in’s B&B Poll: Would Steffy and Wyatt be a good couple?

Little Napoleon.
There were a lot of happy message board posters when they heard their favorite nickname for Rick – Napoleon – used on the show. Too funny. Well it was more of the same at Forrester Creations this week as Eric refused to budge from his pro-Rick stance despite the impassioned pleas of Ridge’s assembled group to change his mind. Just as they might have been making headway, Rick ordered everyone to a meeting and duped Eric again by offering apologies all around. It was entertaining to see Ridge’s outrage and hear him saying what we were thinking – he’s playing all of you!

Join forces.
Liam had perfect timing for approaching Ridge with the takeover plan – Ridge was still seething over Rick conning everyone and fresh off their ensuing confrontation. Steffy later picked up where Liam left off, pressing Ridge that they must take action to get Liam, er, Forrester Creations back.

Special scotch.
Brooke and Eric toasted to their son and all his profits, giving no credit to anyone else. It was a perfect excuse for Brooke to get her drink on, and for Eric to give us a glimpse into why he’s maybe taking Rick’s side – Ridge once took his woman from him too. Hmm.