Credit: Steffy's challenge. (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of February 16 – 20:

Once again there was plenty happening on “B&B,” what with a wedding, Eric’s return, and Steffy working her wiles on Liam. Thoughts:

Second time’s the charm.
While some questioned Katie rushing back into marriage with Bill given everything that had happened, there was a certain inevitability about the whole thing once he had charmed his way into her good graces again – why not get on with it? Katie asking Brooke to be her matron of honor, on the other hand, was something that would only happen on a soap considering the circumstances. In reality, Brooke probably wouldn’t even want to attend the wedding or be particularly welcome. All the gushing about being sisters is pretty unbelievable in light of everything that’s happened. More realistic is Donna teasing about being chopped liver. Really! Donna needs a story and/or a man stat.

The stupid tree.
Over at Forrester Creations, Rick, with Maya snickering by his side, hit new lows, taking his schoolyard bullying to cruel levels by mocking Ivy and Aly’s jewelry and shoe designs. Something tells me if Eric had heard recordings of Rick behaving this way toward his employees/family members there might have been a different outcome later on.

Brooke’s shenanigans at Bill and Katie’s wedding ceremony were kind of a hoot, and didn’t ultimately take away from the heartfelt vows they made to each other. Brooke being tipsy added a satisfying air of uncertainty to the proceedings – would she suddenly blurt that she was still in love with Bill? The sidelong glances and awkward looks exchanged among the guests with each slightly inappropriate move Brooke made were funny too. Some viewers commented about Carter noticing what a beautiful woman Brooke is, and wondered if they might hook up.