Credit: Not intimidated. (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of February 9 – 13:

Wow, “B&B” is truly getting back to being a must-see soap opera. It was a bit of a mystery why the show for so long seemed to revolve relentlessly around the Hope character, and rising ratings seem to confirm that viewers prefer the more adult feel and the expanded focus that now includes everyone’s loves, lives, and businesses. Still on the wish list? A rival fashion house with quirky personalities to compete with Forrester Creations. Thoughts:

Paint me.
As mentioned in last week’s B&B Breakdown, the sexual tension between Ridge and Caroline had built to the point where you could hardly take a breath when they were alone together in a room. They finally took that intimacy to the next level. The sensuality of the body painting, sheets, and candlelight were perfect for an artist and his muse. The morning light didn’t break the spell either. Just ask Brooke.

Pressing plans.
Brooke perhaps got a little overconfident about her ability to reel Ridge back in time after time. But you can’t blame her – as Pam and Donna said, it is what has always happened in the past. For now, though, it seems Ridge is too enthralled with the young creative beauty Caroline to be tempted by anything Brooke might be dangling in front of him. After Friday’s episode, it appears even Deacon will be passing on Brooke’s delights, so she really is without a man. Different! It looks like the drinking is going to be her means of coping. Vote in’s B&B Poll: Brooke without a man.