Confusion surrounding Brooke.

In this week’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to one of the very first scenes in March 1987 when Storm Logan demanded to know what was going on with his sisters…

Katie is currently happy, having reunited for a second time with Bill – despite his past indiscretion with her sister Brooke. Years ago, she was very upset and worried about Brooke. Their brother Storm arrived home to find Katie moping. Her demeanor only worsened when their sister Brooke emerged from upstairs. Brooke asked Storm if she could borrow his car and rushed out the door, never answering him when he asked about the bruise on her face.

He turned to Katie for answers and she explained how Brooke’s bruise had been a lot worse when she first arrived home from class and how she’d covered it with makeup. She admitted her dress had been torn and someone showed up to talk to her. However, Brooke had made Katie leave the room and she had no further knowledge of what happened but knew it had to have been something serious. Only later did Storm find out that Brooke had fought off unknown assailants who had tried to pull her into a van.

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