Credit: Bizarre behavior. (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the week of January 26 – 30:

There were confrontations and plots brewing, but the week took on a weird vibe when Brooke finally made her way over to Forrester. Thoughts:

The cradle robber and the shooter.
It was Rick’s version of the Wild West over at Forrester Creations this week as he shot at Ridge and Caroline ostensibly to get the ‘cradle robber’ off his ‘wife’. I’m surprised Maya didn’t take more offense to him being so clearly jealous of Ridge and Caroline. Of course, she supports Rick 150% no matter what. He can shoot up the whole dang company if he likes as long as she gets to live in the Forrester mansion. Ack.

Ivy is a cool chick, and her romance with Liam is sweet and stable. In soaps, unfortunately, this spells dull and doomed. Steffy hadn’t even walked through Liam’s door yet and the electricity was zapping and zinging through the air between them. And that right there is the difference, folks.

You walked out.
The scene between Brooke and Bill was a nice dose of reality. Bill, being who he is, needed to address someone walking out on him and refusing contact. What a blow to his ego! He also needed to save face by letting Brooke know he was getting back with Katie. Also refreshing was Liam and Katie’s candid conversation about work and her reuniting with Bill. Liam’s comment that she could do better than his dad, but she makes him a better person, was on point.

What gives?
Former force-to-be-reckoned-with Quinn seems to be morphing into an insecure whiner before our eyes. Soon Wyatt will be back and she’ll be whining about his circumstances too. She’s been a wreck since Hope fell down those stairs.