Not your typical fire rescue.

In this week’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the early 2000s when Rick Forrester was hit by a firetruck…

Brooke is becoming more and more concerned about her son Rick’s behavior. Years ago, there was another cause for concern when Rick was hit by a firetruck driven by Hector Ramirez. Rick decided to leave Amber Moore and the drama surrounding their relationship behind and began dating the much younger Caitlin Ramirez. At the time, Caitlin was also dating Thomas Forrester. Her father Hector held a grudge against the Forresters, since his high school rivalry with Ridge, and initially disapproved of Thomas.

Hector came around after a while and began to accept Thomas as Caitlin’s boyfriend. Little did he know, his daughter decided to end things with the young Forrester in favor of Rick. Hector found out and was furious, considering their age difference and Rick’s prior marriage and divorce. One evening, while driving his firetruck for the Los Angeles Fire Department, Hector accidentally hit Rick. After Hector accessed Rick’s injuries, he demanded to know if Rick had slept with his daughter and did something to force Rick into answering him.

Do you remember what Hector did in order to get Rick to confirm he hadn’t slept with Caitlin? Vote in our “B&B” poll and feel free to discuss past and present storylines in the comment section below.