Credit: She's back... (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the Week of January 19 – 23:

A very entertaining week of “B&B” on the whole. Thoughts:

In the garage.
Had to love Pam hauling butt into Rick’s office with Stephanie’s portrait in tow and calling him out. Hilarious! Even better, she refused to do the background check on Maya’s sister and called him on not trusting Maya as well. Go girl!

While it seems perfectly reasonable to bring on one of Maya’s family members and give her some more background, it’s hard to get excited about another newcomer when there are so many beloved characters we would like to see brought back to the canvas or used more often. Vote in’s B&B Poll: Would you rather see new blood or old favorites?

New era.
Thank goodness Bill made a stop at the Forrester mansion to be overbearing and make threats against Maya, otherwise he might have been unrecognizable. It was really tough to buy him making Liam president and Katie vice-president of the company that he has always been such a total control freak about. Such largesse, even to win Katie back and thereby ‘get his own way’ is a stretch. Besides, Liam will make a terrible president – he’s always over at Forrester Creations! As for Bill asking to get back in the house with Katie, I’d say his assertion that it will happen is probably correct – his confidence is irresistibly sexy.

The big stick.
Okay, Tofu Boy Liam definitely proved he could ‘man-up’ by confronting Rick and sucker punching him in defense of Ivy and Caroline. As satisfying as it was to see, I still feel like if it came down to it Rick could take him though. At the very least he could ban him from stepping foot on Forrester Creations property again. Imagine Liam cut off from visiting his girlfriends. Hehe! Liam also scored points for suggesting, as mentioned in last week’s B&B Breakdown, that someone contact Eric. Thank you!