Slick Rick. (CBS)

“The Bold and the Beautiful” for the week of December 22 – 26:

This week revolved quite a bit around Rick and his women, but also featured the annual visit to the Union Mission and, unexpectedly, a pooch parade courtesy of John Forrester. Episode-by-episode breakdown and thoughts:

New Matriarch?
Maya wants to marry Rick and run Forrester Creations and be the family’s new matriarch. I wonder what Brooke would make of that! Maya’s attitude makes me not want to see her get any of this. As noted in last week’s B&B Breakdown her gold-digger talk is so unappealing. Ivy seemed to be sizing the situation up before making any decision as to whether or not to talk about what she saw. As for Rick turning away from Caroline in bed, it was an interesting moment to have him flash back to her admitting she’d kissed Ridge and show vulnerability. He’s come across so unyielding and devious lately that it was good to remember he’d genuinely been hurt. At Forrester, Carter was complaining to Ridge about needing a woman. Hard to believe he is lonely with all those models around all the time! Ridge seemed to be mooning about his magic with Caroline – perhaps they’re not done yet?

My Tail’s Wagging.
John Forrester decided to hold a pooch parade to cheer up Pam over losing Tiny? Whaaa? This was out of left field, but did provide some fun comic relief and cute doggies to look at, so it’s all good. Elsewhere, Rick and Maya worked to intimidate Ivy. The arrogance of the two of them at this point is definitely building anticipation for them to fall. Ivy seems to be made of stern stuff, though, so here’s hoping she doesn’t back down. Of course Ivy was also distracted by Wyatt warning her to check up on whether Liam and Hope have been talking – he knows all too well how this goes! Wyatt was pretty down and out – guess it’s too much to hope for, for Wyatt to see Hope for the utterly self-centered person she is and write her off instead of wasting anymore time on her.