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Image: CBS

B&B Breakdown for the week of April 27!

I have to say, I thought this week was really kind of boring and mostly just a rehash of past arguments. I sorely missed Owen, Jackie and Bridget, but according to the spoilers, it looks like that will all change next week! However, some new things did happen so let’s get to it!

I realize it probably had a lot to do with Joanna Johnson’s schedule, but it almost seemed pointless to have Karen on for just two days. It would have been nice to see her interact with Ridge and, even though he was played by a different actor then, Thorne as well, considering she almost married him. But I guess there wasn’t time for that, as it was pretty much just a set up for her brother, Bill, Jr. to come on the scene.

Speaking of, even though he is a newly created character and there hasn’t been any mention of him before, I thought it was funny how they just slipped Bill, Jr. in there like he’s been a part of the family all along. I guess if they can rapidly age characters, bring people back from the dead and create long lost twins out of thin air, Bill, Jr. can have been a part of the family since day one.